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A program available through Ohio’s Department of Job and Family Services supported by The Buckeye Hills Area Agency on Aging, District 8 (AAA8) provides eligible individuals the chance to transition from a long-term care facility to home and community settings.

“The purpose of Home Choice is to assist folks who want to locate a home and move from a long-term care facility back into the community,” said Debra Huff, MSW, LSW, Director of AAA8. “Transition coordination is the unique aspect of this program. Through it, the Area Agency on Aging can help give people greater control and connect them to essential community services such as locating housing, setting up a household and more as they transition.”

Once individuals are in long-term care facilities, it is difficult for them to move back into the community because they usually do not have homes or access to other services and supports necessary for daily living. Transition coordination will help them plan and arrange for services and supports they will need while relocating from an institution to a community.

Home Choice assists 60+ and people of any age with disabilities who wish to move from long-term care facilities to home and community settings. It will support individuals with transition services up to $2,000, by locating housing, transitioning and connecting to community services such as health care, pharmacies, personal assistance and more. A community support coach, nursing, social work or counseling, and nutritional consultation are other services.

To learn more about Home Choice, call AAA8 at 1-800-331-2644.


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